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Lecture 5

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Media Studies
Gray Graffam

 What is rhetorical analysis o Using the film as an alagory of modern day society o We’re looking at signs and symbols and what they represent. o All of our thinking, and use of signs its all symbolic, theres very little thinking that we can do in which were not engaged in the interpretation of science. o We are constantly looking at and interpreting various signs and symbols and they all represent to us In some way o “diamonds are a girl’s best friend” – establish a symbol with diamonds, we tend to associate diamonds with long lasting relationships o Diamonds are associated with love and romance o It’s an interpretive element. What do candles mean ? they can be associated with love, to be associated with religious rituals (lighting the path , and averting away from darkness) o Philosophers dealing with the origins of language were focused on how words are symbolic and convey a concept.  Semiology: a science that studies the life signs within society  We are constantly processing everything around us  Signs are arbitrary, linear and are characterized by a difference o The meaning of a signs is dependent on the social, historical and cultural context.  Signs are arbitrary and don’t have a natural interpretive element .  There is no such thing as a natural sign, and signs are constructed by humans, and our interactions with the outside world.  Signs are linear because there is a direct meaning to things  Things are defined by their differences as well as similarities (UNDERSTAND the meaning of hot by also interpreting the meaning of cold as well)  The connection between a signi
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