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Lecture 6

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Media Studies
Gray Graffam

Lecture 6  Midterm exam: don’t have to know: not take an image from the text and slides and ask what it is. o Concepts within the text o Multiple choice, short answer, definitions (fill in the blank) , asking what type of analysis it is o Doesn’t test writing ability  Culture is the means of what human beings produce and the means by which we preserve what we have produced.  Culture is the shared basis of concepts that guide our behaviour and understanding  Culture is taught, and learned it’s not biological , and were not born with it at all  Who teaches us culture ? our parents, family , friends  Culture is not taught from one perspective, they are concepts which we are introduced to . We use these principles to base our lives.  Culture helps to shape what media is  We use media to communicate certainly our understanding based on culture are present , when we are constructing media  Culture also helps create bad influences as well. Culture is the shared concepts that help guide our behaviour.  Doxa: the way it is o Waiting in line at the grocery store, o Our concepts of fairness and the concepts of right and wrong are taught by our culture. o 124-127: cultural theory overview o Culture is the following things  Physical: concepts that guide us , differences between the sexes and how they dress  Social: guides how we interact with one another, and how we expect to behave with others  Attitudinal: customs, laws and traditions reflect particular ways of understanding  Collective: shared, between various groups of people  Rhetorical:  Historical: taught from one generation to the next  Ideological : teaches us the world, practises, morality, it can be a good ideology or a bad one, it teaches us how to think about certain concepts  What is cultural analysis? o Culture and subculture:
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