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Lecture 9

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Media Studies

Heteronormativity (will be on the final): society defines what is perceived as being normal, in terms of using the world normal, academics would sa that heterosexuality is normative. Using the word normal is incorrect however. Really talks about what soviety defines as the typical behaviour. Really typical in terms of gender roles. System of ineuqlaity that pereptatues an undferstanding of heterosexuality and homosexuatliy where heterosexuality is defined as normal. A system where heterosexuality is privledged in our society. Defines everything about it as what society accepts and emrbaces. Queer theory (binary: heterosexuality/homosexuality)  Interdisciplinary perspective  Seesk to disrupt socially constructed systems over meaning regarding human sexuality  Sexuality – emotional, romantic or sexual attraction towarde others  Binary: heterosexuality/homosexuality o looks at the comparison between heterosexuality and homosexuality. o Looks at the interplay between them and constantly challenges it  Queer hteorists work to expose the shortcomings of the lables and show how they work to support systmes of social power and privliledge  Political: is media the relfeciton of what is or does it play some kind of role, can it be a positibe role?  Performative media, when we get onoine, we are performing.  Created an imgagination. Lesbians were commenting. Discussing, chatting, having fun, teasing, getting to know one another.  Queer articulates a radical quseitonoing of social and cultural norms, notions of gender, reproductive sexuality and the family.  To queer – to make strngae, to frustrate, to counteract, to delegitimise, to camp up heteronormative knowledges and insitutions and the subjectibviteis and socialities that re informed by them and that inform them. Hetereotnormativity  A term invented in 1991 to describe any of a set of lifestyle norms that hold that people fall intod istnict and complementary gencers (man and owman) with natural roles in life. It also holds that heteorseuxlaity is the normal sexualo rienation, and states that sexual and martial relations are most (or only) fitting between a man and a woman.  A heteronromative view is one that involves alignment of biological sex, sexua
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