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Media Studies
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MDSA01H3 Lecture 1 Week of September 10, 2012 - For assignments can use Prezi or Wix - Top assignments get 5 bonus marks and will also be posted on Media Studies Portal/Blogizine - Discussion Board and Online Discussions (Extra marks)—Via facebook page and also the portal discussion board. The discussion board on blackboard will be more about course content and the facebook group will be about current media happenings - TA: Shaista Patel will be monitoring these discussion boards along with the professor - Events outside of class: You get 2 bonus points on final score for each event you go to. A chance to activate your minds but also to go above and beyond - Focus on competition: lots of people will have to work hard and go above and beyond to get the grade - Assignments—presenting video, commentary, analysis. You don’t have to throw away traditional essay writing but it will be incorporated in a multimedia format - More technical computer based skills will be taught in the media studies program but not specifically in this course - Powerpoint slides from class will be uploaded AFTER the class is done Course Schedule - 12 weeks of class including this one - Buy the textbook ‘critical media studies’ and readings have been assigned for this week (look at the course schedule) - Chapters often provide overview and then the essays/additional articles provide details Assignments - Deadlines are very firm, stick to them Midterm Exam - Will not know exact date for a week or two - You must come physically to the exam even if you are on online lecture. Nov 13 - Speaker series event - Attendance will be tracked for bonus points - Online registration system. More details to come from prof as the course proceeds Media Assignment 2 rd - Due Monday, Dec 3 , send link for assignment through blackboard What is Media Studies? - Studying media - But what is media? st o 1 definition:  Socially realized structures of communication (example this class). This classroom itself is a piece of technology because someone had to invent it.  Sharing or engaged with popular ontologies—(we all have same fundamental
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