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University of Toronto Scarborough
Media Studies
Ted Petit

Page 1 MDSA01H3 Lecture 3 September 25 2012h Midterm Exam- Lecture and Readings and Textbook are Testable, Chapters 1-6 Re: textbook material- look for bold terms, important to know them; Sample exam question Blackboard Discussions are good for exam review- prof puts stuff that might come on exam there Midterm Study guide posted on blackboard as well Assignment: Frame the things in the questions of the media lab in the context of your argument (Ex. Logic of safety—don’t only say that it happens, talk about why it is important) Citing other sources—YOU MUST cite from other places; choose a specific citation style and provide the link, the nitty gritty details about the citation isn’t as important as the link and making sure you cite. - commodity fetishism o its not only about sexually charged ads o commodity fetishism entry on Wikipedia is good so look at that o social relations between people are objectified. People buy something for the values it has o values are essentially economic if you look deeper o ignores the work of the people who are working hard to produce the products, are becoming alienated, etc. - Futuristic Nostalgic Ad for Levis o Formal is on the way out according to this ad o “avoiding a below the year wardrobe” o Be futuristic with style to be nostalgic about it Page 2 o Basically, buy these clothes to fit in with the entrepreneurial workforce o This is commodity fetishism in action o Clothes/style become symbolic of economic relationships o - Iphone/Samsung Ad o Are we talking about the labour and sweat put behind the product o No we just talk about the wow factor o This is also a form of commodity fetishism - Video clips about iphone 5 also about commodity fetishism o Jimmy Kimmel Experiment- showing iphone 4s but tell them its iphone 5. People are convinced that its better even though in reality it is the exact same phone! o - Girl interviewed in line o Just trying to be like everyone else o So the value of fitting in o Want one because you’re supposed to want one - We are seduced into ways of thinking that we do –I phone 5 parody on youtube - Foxcon-Economist Article o Manufacturing ipad—expose that working conditions were really poor, suicides were endemic, harsh labour conditions o Factories have nets to prevent people from plunging to their deaths o Basically slave camps-forced to work 16 hours a day, would be woken up whenever the factory managers wanted - Undercover reporter o Shows us how these products are actually made o People alienated o Recent report that riots were at foxcon over weekend - I cloud ad o Commodity fetishism because it shows hi-tech, smooth, quick, and very attractive o But the cloud is just a symbol, it is really huge data centres that are integrating everything o This aura of anything, any time, anywhere, is actually many servers running in the background and people investing in these massive data centres o Battery storage, diesel backup, etc are used to keep the system going o Environmental stewardship? o - Our book on Amazon o Easy, quick, get what you want easily on this website Page 3 o But there is a story behind it o A first person account from 2012 (link provided) about the working conditions of labouring bodies in shipping warehouses of amazon o This person was working for a company who had a contract from amazon (therefore amazon doesn’t have to give benefits) o - Why are people resistant to Marxist criticism o Because it makes you feel bad o It tells you that you are stuck in a deceptive system that disguises the wrongdoing ORGANIZATIONAL ANALYSIS - Feeds off of Marxist analysis. Very critical - is interested in the precise ways that the structure of an organization and the processes it undertakes mutually influence one another - look at organization of organizations themselves - textbook definition of organization: A system (network) or ordered relationships and coordinated activities directed toward specific goals - example: UTSC as an organization o performances and productive displays that include rituals (occur on a regular basis, but its not necessary) : example of rituals is sitting in class, listening to lectures, o sociality (codes of ettiquite that aren’t usually written down) – frosh, the way you come dressed to class, o Management—textual management- profs telling students that we are on a journey of learning o Enculturation- convincing ourselves that we’re at uni for a reason, everyone else is doing it, etc. - Conventions are: o motivated o shared o naturalized- its just this way/its natural o resilient “that’s the way weve a
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