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Media Studies
Ted Petit

Pragmatic Analysis [LEC 04] 10/2/2012 8:32:00 AM -metaphysics: in time debate forever (overtime and into future) -pragmatism: the reality of today; everyday practical affairs  Eg. Occupy Wallstreet o To enact change so how do we speak?? o Pragmatics-how to decide whats the best way to do something  Eg.”Protest & Pragmatism” article Key Pragmatists: 1. William James (1842-1910) a. Debatable is things drawn from experience (ISSUES: using media to decide what is pragmatic when already filtered-not all real truth) 2. John Dewey  social issues  against rote memorization  problem solving skills to make responsible citizens 3. Richard Rorty  relativism-diverse approaches are all equal Media Regulation Concerns: -Consequences/contingencies/tensions Example Case Study: ”Borat”  CNN blurs line between news and advertising  Govn’t of Kazakistan paying for country’s advertising (sponsored by its subjects)  WHAT TO DO Public interest/government regulation Example Case Study: ”Climate Change”  Tobacco industry payed for experimentation (Marshall Institue/Sites)  Used same strategy to discuss issues on ozone/pollution  Funding from oil companies convince that science is unsettled/not manmade/dilution  Pragmatic regulations= health warning on cigarette boxes  WHAT TO DO nothing because media is distorting everything (analyze to see validity -regulatory agencies: CRTC; arrived thru political process in all countries -“fair dealing vs. Fair use”  Canada’s is more restrictive than US  Eg. Public performance in class/copying worksheets i
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