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Lecture 6

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Media Studies
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Ted Petit

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Media Studies Lecture 6  Paper 2: o Think about a media artefact  An Issue  Why does your media,( txt, video, film, comic book,……fashion statement) o Impact us? Or what has it done? Cultural Analysis  What is a cultural artifact? o It’s an article/physical things (but can be social and historical things to)  This is a really broad topic o Cultural Artifact doesn’t have to be a physical thing  Ex. A “saying”  “honesty is the best policy”  Ex. Songs  Old languages that aren’t used anymore  Ideology o A set of beliefs underlying the customs, habits, and practices common to a given culture  Ex. How it is like to be at utsc and be a student at utsc  Ex. Evolution? Is there an ideological position?? o What does it do? 1. It limits/ guides our thinking process and allows us to see the world in different ways 2. It normalizes particular sets of social relations  Ex. Mother, Step mother o Like your mother in law is a B word because we have been reinforced with films that the evil step mom is always in movies we see 3. It privileges some interests over others  Within a social group , there are certain interests people within that group share compare to other groups 4. It interpellates individuals into subjects  We become “ideology” (we walk, talk like ideology) o We are no longer ourselves  Ex. The sense of individualism!  We become an ideology because “we say we are an INDIVIDUAL”  We want to be an individual, and in the past we already had a sense of being an individual and standing out instead of blending in the group o How does it do it? 1. Myth  Sacred story; hero o We are always teling and retelling stories (that’s what cultures do and maintain themselves) o Ideology maintains by analyzing the stories we tell 2. Doxa Media Studies Lecture 6  Common sense or taken for granted o Ex. Look at those fools how can they believe those things in the past?  Were so pulled back to what were in, we are never aware of how some of our beliefs are s
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