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University of Toronto Scarborough
Media Studies
Stacy Jameson

Nov 10 Lecture Anti Advertising:style of advertising that harnassed public mistruct of consumerism in the service of the consumer system Public Service announcement-notice disseminated by media without charge in order to create awareness or change in public attitudes/behaviours about particular issue. (shows picture of guy shooting himself in nose, and says"cocaine" under it) Exvertisements: ads that try to take yoru eye off the ball, they divert your attention to other issues  Childhood obsesity ad is just there, and then mcdonalds is under it, promoting fries Political Ads: Different models and functions: 1. Name Identification Spots shown early in the campaign (Identity) 2. Argument spots which present the candidates’ positions on issues (Ideology) 3. Attack spots which focus on the opponent (Insult) 4. Positive Visionary Appeals used at the end of the campaign to give the voter a last reason or imperative to go out and vote for the candidate- usually these are about “character” (Image) Guerilla Girls: literally gorillas that look female, which argues that female directors/artists are always chained up Product Red (Raises awarness for aids), is on many products like starbucks card and ipod "Ethical Consumerism" -A type of consumer activism. Dont step outside the consumer system, but spend money on things that are ethically produced Is this guilt free shopping? Madrid Street Advertising Takeover (MaSAT), "Adverisment for a bad movie"-Charlie Todd. Coca Cola changed Culture jamming-wants to disrupt consumer culture by transforming corporate ads into subversive messages. ie coca cola ad that says "love". Someone wrote "profit" under it The work of Watching-television viewing is a form of labor where consumers get "paid". For watching commericals, consumers get to watch the tv program The "work of being watched", technology monitors consumers. We are given convenience and customization Work of watching changed to work of being watched! Challenges to the “Work of being Watched” 1. A lack of centralized space in which this monitoring takes place  unlike w/ factory, theres no area that is mandatory for people to stlak you (ie supervisor looking over) 2. The process relies on the consent and participation of those being monitored .  sometimes people arent actually watching tv during commercials (may walk away)  many commercials are put right after a tv show to catch your attention(ie walking dead thing. use similar actors and themes 3. Consumer culture is a system based on “Mass production” of goods which at its heart doesn’t allow for much individuation.  mass consumization: to produce mass quatity of products, custom tailered to certain audiences, flexible production ie "Nike ID" shoes & Oakley's custom sunglasses, OR custom made M&m's (you give them your style/pr
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