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Media Studies
Gray Graffam

Understanding Digital Media rdWeek 1 Lecture 1 September 3 2013media and social issuesWe make our tools then our tools make usProf Gray Graffam Anthropologist Specialist in MediaInternet Producer for Toronto Ad AgencySenior VP for Toronto Marketing FirmGamer CoInvestigator on SSHRC grantMedia Studies Director of The HubGrading Scheme Research Paper 1012 page 25 MidTerm Exam 35Final 40 Not cumulativeWhy Study media StudiesWhat is Media Studies Interdisciplinary A range of disciplies includingHumanites and social sciencesAt its heart the study f media as it pertaints to social theoryo How media in terms on industries messages and audiences shape knowledge perception and understandingMedia Studies isInformation that comes to us through some indirect channel or mediumAs such media serves to mediate what is realOur perfection of realityWhat is reality does it really exist Refer to slide no lie your facebook profile is the real youMedia areSocially realized structures of communication where structures includes both technological forms and their associated protocols and where communication is a cultural practice a ritualized collocation of different people on the same mental map sharing or engaged with popular ontologies of representationLisa Gitelman always already new media history and the date of culture 2006 Living in Postmodernity Used to describe the economic or cultural state or condition of society that exist after modernityConvergenceMobilityFragmentationGlobalizationStimulationLives are mediate what we learn vs how we learn Critical Studes of Digital MediaWe will look at 4 different types of critiqueGenre Criticism Autheur CriticismCultural CritisimEthnographic CriticismMedia Convergence How does media convergence affect uso Technnogilca changeinformation and media o More immediate acces o More complete access o Leverage of digital technologies to achieveFour keys in media convergence and how it affects us 1 Greater sharing 2 Greater socializing 3 Greater communication 4 Greater interactingSharingRefers to ways in which media products are shared o What are media products o How do you share them o What is new is not the sharing eg photographs but the mediatizing of the sharing o What is meant by mediatizing in this instance o The formal term of media sharing isCGCConsumerGenerated Content o Of course user generated video o Also the development of WebisodesSocializing o Predates humanity o Social media such as facebook o Posted content inviting comment and engagement of friends in dialogue o But also socializing in gaming and virtual worldsCommunicating o At the heart of all human experience o Central to mass communication and media o Central to broadcasting o Dramatic change in terms of contemporary mobile media and how people communicate o Cell PhonesInteractingo The idea of not simply communicating but sharing experience o Virtual worlds high on this list
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