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Media Studies
Michael Petit

Understanding Visual CultureWednesdays900am11amRoom HW 215Micheal PetitthLecture NotesWeek 2 Jan 15January 15Representation and ImageWhat is visual culture Read Rampley Visual Culture and the Meanings of Culture from Exploring Visual CultureVisual Culture and the meaning of Culture by Mathew Rampley Karl Marx German philosopher economist sociologist historian journalist and revolutionary socialist The materialMatthew ArnoldBritan poet and cultural critic who worked as an inspector of schools He was the son of Thomas Arnold the famed headmaster of Rugby School and brother to both Tom ArnoldThe Cultura Culture and Anarchya series of periodical essays by Matthew Arnold first published in Cornhill Magazine 186768 and collected as a book in 1869 The whole scope of the essay is to recommend culture as the great help out of ourpresent difficulties culture being a pursuit of our total perfection by means of getting toknow on all the matters which most concern us the best which has been thought andsaid in the world and through this knowledge turning a stream of fresh and freethought upon our stock notions and habits which we now follow staunchly butmechanically vainly imagining that there is a virtue in following them staunchly whichmakes up for the mischief of following them mechanically PrefaceThe pursuit of perfection then is the pursuit of sweetness and light He who works forsweetness and light works to make reason and the will of God prevail He who worksfor machinery he who works for hatred works only for confusion Culture looksbeyond machinery culture hates hatred culture has one great passion the passion forsweetness and light Chapter 1 Sweetness and LightThe people who believe most that our greatness and welfare are proved by our beingvery rich and who most give their lives and thoughts to becoming rich are just the verypeople whom we call the Philistines Culture says Consider these people then theirway of life their habits their manners the very tones of their voice look at themattentively observe the literature they read the things which give them pleasure thewords which come forth out of their mouths the thoughts which make the furniture oftheir minds would any amount of wealth be worth having with the condition that onewas to become just like these people by having itChapter 1 Sweetness and LightHigh Culture vs Low CultureThe opera vs Pop music According to ArnoldCultureis the best which has been thought and said the word ex High vs low culture The dependence of consumerism on visual spectaclethe shopping arcade a dream landscapewalter Benjamin analyses thshopping arcades in 19 century panic ndLecture NotesWeek 3jan 22 ndJanuary 22Typography and RepresentationRead Campbell et al Visual Literacy and the Truth behind an Image Blackboard Hall The Spectacle of the Other Representation Chapter 4 pp 215232 McClintock Imperial Leather excerpt This is same reading as Reading A from Representation Chapter 4 pp 272275 assigned on p 232 BlackboardPepsi and AapeLogo and representation Was this done purposely Or was this an honest mistake The clothing company Aapes logo pretty much spells RAPE in some perspectiveHow much does font matterFont has a huge history and has been significant in art representation 1Consider for instance the Periodic Table of Typefacesincludes a large number of different typography Pepsi and Aaoeeasily confused for rapevisual contradiction Would the logo be a mistake Or a way to grab attention Class discussion conclusion pepsi is such a huge company and so many big people in advertising MUST of notice the situation with AAPE looking like RAPE in that particular font theres no way they didnt so this must have been an executive decision to publish it like thatBLAH on paperart According to Tauba Auerbachthe idea that images and text are import to work together text gives images meaning anchorage Typography video Gotta look at the shape of the typography when interpretation something Gutenberg No mechanical reproduction recopies manuscript like drawing creates letters in the shape of how they usually write them Its art they are retracing an old ancient picturetext exactly like it was first created making a picture out of it Blacklettersconsider news paperreinforces the voice of God has a powerful all mighty representation to itattempting to reinforce authorityOvertime in 1465 Roman Times now Times New Roman was introduce a simpler more transparent form of writing There are however many fonts that call for attention Serif FontOften used in stores and corporations ex University Logo and IBM logoconsidered out datedIn 1815Square Serifrepresented Cowboys and Western settings It was very controversial when it was first introduced but printers started really liking it and it became an overnight success The idea behind it was to be very simple and clean like Time New Romans but even more relax The element of typographic style writing by an Canadian talks about how typography can be social and cultural Star WarsHistory of tile design super important in movies especially Star Wars And corporation ex Disney video played in class shows a bunch of very successful movies with significant font styles styles that when you see it you immediately associate it to the movieEnter the void or Into the void Visual Literacy and the truth behind an Image Images tell a story connected to a larger cultural narrative stories that we tell about ourselves for ourselves and for others AComposition Colour red screams look at me look here generally an emotional responseForm frames magnestism headroomrule of the thirdLine MovementBSymbolic Meaning CRealismImages are always telling stories teaches us how to read it and how to understand itImages have suggested storiesComposition colors super important Frame rule of third making the media part of the story Journalism makes themselves the idea of movement thLecture NotesWeek 4 Jan 29 Week 4Jan 29Read Berger Ways of Seeing Chapter 1 httpengl101f12lombardywikispacesumbedufileviewBergerWaysOfSeeingpdf380176156BergerWaysOfSeeingpdf Hall The Spectacle of the Other Representation Chapter 4 pp 232246 Activity 4 Still Life Representation pp 1415 including reading on pp 4849 2
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