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November 23rd Lecture Notes

Economics for Management Studies
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Michael H O

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? :K J"*K y, sse (y,)
Y : J^ + J; Y, ssK(.Y')
Hor,n: cntrcA x, Gnr{'r$r.tfts gttr-ur Xr a9r-u6{t rh&d<el,?, fytqf€rnq{ ,;nfal,t 11
ssR (x, I xr)-- .l;R ( yr , y,) - dJR (,X,)
eornnbutt<irn *o -ax+-tanato,g po^re. *xpla@og powtv ol
{ilea1er,r'g prr^? 4 .X, _& Xr yr /ol,
of X, jiYlJ\ \.sLtesh \@|
<S,tR Lk. lxt)_- SsR(x,,x,)-s,sR 0k,)
f*lstrhg If X,b rontribtt!^dn )s S)gnifl-cru1€nor4gh z (one tqfg+rGt)
Ho' Ft -O k r*Qzvat,L,tor*ribwLttrnis rhs,gnifieant
k, " F,*o + F,=o
tf X, is'rlrsQ-q-irq.rre,'rs t'qr^!-', &sR L)c, I xr)- o
-tsR_ ( x, ., y,) = ssR ax")
SsR ( y, , !>) _ ssR tx. ) -- ssR (/, I xz) =o
Atvoyrr. *rt +-ssB-tx.JJQJ
Fe't6t = l1s,- y',
--.-) Sse Lk, r Xr )
--E _) _,
,1 \
L, ;, "r

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lG lto IS *rt*
ssR I xr i v,)-- s
F stat srng.L{- , faton4 bL qhbte nn1-.{,ct fto
y=&+ Bivl-f Fk>t P"ft+ F+Va+ Fsyr+€
Ho ' pr: p9 : 6, -? yr ond X+ a/q- rnzlwao.,I
l.t, r hot bot( Bt ef< zzm
F,^q,Q,+ 9- b"-F !r Xr"r
SsR LX, tr, YJ ,
gSe. ( x, w, Ys
Rqs(nc{</{ ?:Vo+
ssR ( k,, y.,
sse t x.,
,9s e [{, I
ssE- tX,.... Xs)
brYz + lc1Yj 1 b+ kq + bs Xs
k< , Y"')
kt Yr)
JrX,+ XtVt+MYt
V+l Xr, X3, !s): "ltR t k, , kz, Vr, ku,Vs) -
k.)= ssR, ( X, , I.-) - gse [Vr)
fnsR( y.., X+ I X, Xl, ys ) a_., rhsR (1, I k+)
fhsE ty, , X. , kr, y+, Xs ) rhfE [k, I k )
ss<- er)r,D I k, Xr, xo)
.gsR (Y,,Kt,yx)
B' =84= g

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hoirr rnuc\ o-.1^"0.-.
va.rlo-ttdn 4xp{qb4A
b'y vrtnauoa x, x")- SsR tX")
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Y: bo+b,
.50 +
f'1+ A.oo rn[cL x, contribr,ttss, to fz gtu.n X: 0ifuvrad;tl,hce//old ?
: ,..ssR (x, ; X:
Sst - ssR (X, y)) + sS R(x, I x, )
( Vrn"n SsR (X, lk,';: rSSR [kr -
\\ ssn (xr t xr)- dsR (X.,yr) _ SsR
ssRtx, , X..) - ssR (\, )
ssr -sse[r,)
{oro muok X r contr,hnt-es {o r) Q7@n X. af,;y-1dr4 ifffu^dqd "
SsA tX. xr)-- SSR tv'f frtsrqrng't"{-ftrpatqt op X,
S,sT - ssR ( x,) X:' agtaoA'^! lnc0prd-e4
Vantxtow ih Y tcPt -ts l^,, v
rt dong l+sJobr
PJ'+ B, X, + F" X, * E
L-,_J vJ
,spqc4 gi? ol{rqc^eer
.sf' $non d4,icl..d,
D-n*t vff.nah.Qr-
X.r : I r0 s,\3rL dcfaclr.d,
= O i{ ^an s)ig-q.L defaakJ
X,4 b'x.
/,5 {, + 4o X,
b+ /.5? fuld,nrg O{htr facforS' coNr,q.nt ',Xr",-ffraotaq[ afiribtttZ, tftf ]n
io'tqnor sapqcl, , X[s*^Ao,t*e-pdc& ls ,Lp"oF*"t to r,se-ty ,g600r
!t= k).
(oldrh q +1,.r- in*4rrdr6pasa- cdns{ant,
t u .,f*ooooal
^tr4s{, Pnc.g- bg yffiJL
s,\94-a-- de{qe^&l
Adtr. 51)194" dttesA&l
So+, +*oX.=f
a" s,h$rQr,-qlrtqa(ar[ ,fuo],rsl- ca^ "F-
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