Chapter 5/6 lecture notes

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Management (MGH)
Julie Mc Carthy

Motivation and Job Performance N lack of skills N personal problems N task deadlines Challenges of Motivating Employees 1) Globalization create competitive pressures 2) New employment relationships changing psychological contract job security and caring employer20 years ago training and development, employabilitytoday 3) Changing workforce managing 4 generations (over 60, baby boomers, generation X, generation Y) Theories of Motivation Maslows Hierarchy of Needs N people are motivated by their lowest fulfilling needs N people have a hierarchyphysiological needs (basic needs), security needs (physical, job security, psychological needs), social needs (relationships and friendships at work), self-esteem needs (decision-making, promoting employees, recognizing employees), self-actualization needs (promoting, challenges, training and development) N some issuesorder of the needs, unique needs of each individual, changing needs over time for each individual N individuals look for not only one need, but many of the needs at the same time N instead, of putting it in a hierarchy, put it in a Venn diagram McClellands 4 Drive Theory 1) Drive to acquire object, status 2) Drive to bond relationships, commitments (social needs from Maslows Hierarchy of Needs) 3) Drive to learn Maslows self-actualization concept 4) Drive to defend physically, sociallybelief systems N innate born with these drives, not things that can be learned N independent of each other conflicting needs at any point in time N people who ha
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