Chapter 7 lecture notes

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Management (MGH)
Julie Mc Carthy

Groups Groups Formal Informal Command Task Interest Friendship N Why care about groupsteams? o organizations have been flattening o because of that, organizations are putting people into groupsteams more often o there are many reasons for that: teams can reach decisions and customers quickly reduces the need for hierarchy and managersincreases efficiency, communication, and so on provides autonomyresponsibility to employeesleads to job satisfaction and to empowerment Group Dynamics N study of how groups are formed N how group members relate to each other within the group N how group members relate to other groups N how group members relate to the organization as a whole Definitions Group a) social interaction verbalnon-verbal; members have to influence on each other b) stability collection of members that are usually the same c) common goals members share common interests and objectives d) recognized as a group members distinguishable in some way from non-members Formal Groups a) command group can give orders to others in an organization (VPs, managers, senior managers) b) task group (task force) individuals with specific interests or expertise Informal Groups a) interest group voluntary membership; develops naturally; based on common interests b) friendship group people who like to socia
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