Chapter 9 lecture notes

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Management (MGH)
Julie Mc Carthy

N leadership influence that the individual (leader) has on others to achieve organizational goals Leader vs. Manager N leader has to do things like strategic planning they have to look at the external environment N leaders also have to set the vision N skills of leadersconceptual skills, analytical skills, planning skills N the managers operationalize, they implement the vision N skills of managersinterpersonal skills, technical skills Personal Power N power derived from unique characteristics N rational persuasion using facts and logic to persuade people to your side of argument N expert power having expert knowledge about a topic N referent power people have this because they are liked by other people N charisma magnetic and engaging personality; it can be negative or positive, Hitler versus Obama Position Power N legitimate power power recognized because of the position occupied N reward power power to control rewards that people receive N coercive power ability to give out punishments, e.g. parents, police N information power access to valuable data or knowledge in an organization Increasing PositionPersonal Power N training taking company tuition offersincreases information power and expert power N join task forces and committeesincreases information power and referent power N perform novel or unusual tasks taking initiatives and gett
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