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Chapter 7 Notes

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Management (MGH)
Ted Mock

Lecture NotesChapter SevenTeamsGrouptwo or more people interacting interdependently to achieve a common goal This definition is broad enough to include formal work groups boss and subordinates committees teams managed and selfmanagedTwo Theories of Group DevelopmentA widely accepted theory of the stages of group development isFormingnew group orients itself what are we doing here what are the others like what is our purposeThe situation is often ambiguous at this stageStormingconflict often emergessorting out roles and responsibilitiesconfrontation and criticism are likelyNormingmembers resolve the issues that provoked the storming and develop social consensusMay involve compromiseInterdependence is recognized and norms are agreed toPerforminggroup devotes energy toward task accomplishmentachievement creativity and mutual assistance occurAdjourningif a temporary groupPunctuated Equilibrium TheoryThree key points in group formationPhase One First meeting to midpointset agenda determine approaches and gather informationLittle progress is made toward goalMidpoint Transitionat halfway to deadlinemarks transition in groups approach The need to move forward becomes apparentmay seek outside help or formulate a new approachCrystallizes groups activities for phase twoPhase Twoapproaches adopted at midpoint get played outFinal burst of activity and concern for how product will be evaluatedGroup Structure
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