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Chapter 9 Notes

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Management (MGH)
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Lecture NotesChapter NineLeadershipLeadership is the influence that particular individuals exert on the goal achievement of others in an organizational contextIt is influence in a way that achieves organizational goals by enhancing productivity innovation satisfaction and commitment of the workforceFormal leadership positions are expected to influence others and are given the authority to direct othersHowever the presence of a formal leadership role does not guarantee that there is leadershipAre leaders born or made naturenurture argumentTraits natureIs there a special set of traits that are required to be an effective leaderTraits are personal characteristics of the individual including physical characteristics intellectual abilities and personalityThe following traits have been shown to be associated with effective leadershipIntelligenceEnergySelfconfidenceDominanceMotivation to leadEmotional stabilityHonestyintegrityNeed for achievementHeight tallnessThe following Big Five characteristics are also associated with leadershipAgreeablenessExtraversionOpenness to experienceIn addition effective leaders usually demonstrate a high level of EILimitations of the trait approach
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