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Chapter 10 Notes

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Management (MGH)
Ted Mock

Lecture NotesChapter TenCommunicationCommunicationthe process by which information is exchanged between sender and receiverA simple model of communicationSenderThinkingEncodingTransmittingReceiverPerceivingDecodingUnderstandingCommunication errors can occur at any point in this modelEffective communicationthe right people receive the right information in a timely mannerChain of commandthe lines of authority and formal reporting relationships Remember Max Weber and bureaucracy On an organization chart these are shown as solid linesInformal or secondary reporting relationships are often shown as a dotted lineDownward communicationinformation that flows down from the top of the organizationdirections commands vision Upward communicationinformation that flows from the bottom towards the top of the organizationideas suggestions feedbackHorizontal communicationinformation that flows between departments or functions usually as a coordinating effortmay have to flow up before it flows acrossdepends upon the communication culture of the organizationDeficiencies in chain of command communicationInformal channelschain of command model does not consider informal communicationspersonal networks that may not follow the strict chain of command May provide a short cutfor employee communication
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