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Chapter 6

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Management (MGH)
Ted Mock

Labour RelationsTed MockChapter 6The Managerial PerspectiveSignificant perspectives that have influenced managerial thinking The masterservant relationshipScientific managementHuman relations movementStrategic human resources managementMaster Servant RelationshipCommon law doctrine that applies to nonunion workplacesReflects the power imbalance between employer master and employee ServantManagement controlled all aspects of the employment relationshipsScientific ManagementEarly 1900s industrial engineering theories applied to factoriesWork divided into simple tasksWorkers trained to perform a small number of simple tasksManagers perform all planning and decision makingTime and motion studies industrial engineeringFind most efficient way to perform a taskset time standardsTaylor advocated worker bonuses tried to exceeding production standardsHuman Relations MovementEmerged in the 1930sHighlighted the fact that workers have social and interactional needs that can be satisfied at workMore emphasis was placed on employees and employee satisfaction workers no longer treated as extensions of their machinerySome unionists saw this approach as attempting to undermined the role of unionsStrategic HRMHR professionals seek to balance the need for fairness in workplace policiesprocedures with the companys need to be efficient and productive
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