Textbook notes-Chapter 1-What are Organizations

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Management (MGH)
Andrew Davidson

1 CHAPTER 1APPENDIX WHAT ARE ORGANIZATIONS Organizations: social inventions for accomplishing common goals through group effort Social inventions - essential characteristics is the coordinated presence of ppl, not necessarily things - OB is about understanding ppl and managing them to work effectively goal accomplishment - survival is a goal for all - OB is concerned with how organizations survive and adapt to change certain behaviours are necessary for survival and adaption: 1) be motivated to join and remain in the organization 2) carry out their basically work reliability, in terms of productively, quality, and service 3) be willing to cts learn and upgrade their knowledge and skills, 4) be flexible and innovative - innovation and contemporary, which provide for adaption change are imp for contemporary organizations group effort - final component of defin of organization is that they are based on group effort - depend on interaction and coordination to accomplish their goals - much of intellectual and physical work done in organizations is performed in groups - informal grouping occurs in all organizations cuz friendship develop and individuals form informal alliances to accomplish work - quality of informal contact in terms of communication and morale can have strong impact on goal achievement - Ob is concerned with how to get ppl to practice effective team work WHAT IS ORGANIZATION BEHAVIOUR: the attitudes and behaviours of individuals and groups in organizations - discipline of ob systematically studies these attitudes and behaviours and provides insight about effectively managing and changing them - also study how organizations can be structured more effectively and how events in their external environments affect organizations - those who study ob are interested in attitudes, how satisfied ppl are with their jobs , how committed they feel to the goals of the organization or how supportive they are of promoting women or minorities into management positions - imp areas of study: cooperation, conflict, innovation, resignation, ethical lapses WHY STUDY OB 1) Ob is interesting - includes interesting examples of success and failure 2) ob is imp www.notesolution.com
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