Textbook notes-Chapter 2-Personality and Learning

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Management (MGH)
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1 CHAPTER 2 PERSONALITY AND LEARNING WHAT IS PERSONALITY personality: the relative stable set of psychological characteristics that influences the way an individual interacts with his or her environment - ,3L3L;L:,O8507843,OL98:22,7L]08KL847K07507843,O89O0410,OL3JZL9K9K0Z47O -consists of a number of dimensions and traits that are determined in a complex way by genetic predisposition and by ones long term leaning history - its stable but susceptible to change through adult learning experiences - culture, religion, external environment, social economic status (how wealthy) ALL very imp in developing personality PERSONABLITY AND ORGANIZATIONAL BEHAVIOUR dispositional approach 14.:80843L3L;L:,O8L8548L9L438,3507843,OL9 - individuals are predisposed to behave in certain ways - yrs of research proved that personality is a predictor of OB and job performance , thus decrease in personality research and decline in use of personality tests for selection - increased, attention to factors in the work environment that might predict and explain ob known ,88L9:,9L43,O,5574,.K characteristics of organizational settings influence ppls feelings, attitudes and behaviour - both approaches argued over the imp of disposition vs the situation in what is known as the 5078438L9:,9L430-,90 - both approaches are imp for predicting and understanding ob - this led to a third approach interactionist approach++47++L3907,.9L43L82 ob is a function of both disposition and the situation 94570L.9,3:30789,34-4302:89N34Z84209KL3J,-4:9,3L3L;L:,O8507843,OL9,3 the setting in which he or she works (MOST WIDELY accepted and USED) - weak situation: not clear how a person shuld behave - strong: clear expectation for appropriate behaviour - personality has most impact in weak situations cuz of loosely defined roles, few rules, weak reward and punishment contingencies - one of the most imp complications is some personality characteristics are useful in certain organizational situations, no best personality , managers need to appreciate the advantages of employee diversity - key concept is fit: putting the right person in the right jobs, groups, or organizations, and exposing diff employees to diff management styles - 1 of main problem with early research on personality was he use of inadequate measures of personality characteristics - advances in measurement and trends in organizations have reviewed interest and that personality K,8-0039K00;0O45203941.K,7,.907L808N34Z,89K01L;01,.947240O479K0-LJ1L;0 provides a framework for classifying personality characteristics s into give general dimensions (much easier to understand and study the role of personality in ob) www.notesolution.com
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