Textbook notes-Chapter 8-Social Influence, Socialization and Culture

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Management (MGH)
Andrew Davidson

1 CHAPTER 8 SOCIAL INFLUENCE, SOCIALIZATION, AND CULTURE SOCIAL INFLUENCE IN ORGANIZATIONS INFORMATION DPENDENCE AND EFFECT DEPENDENCE information dependence: reliance on others for info about how to think fee and act effect dependence: reliance on others due to their capacity to provide rewards and punishment 1) group frequently has a vested interest in how individuals members think and act cuz such matters can affect the goal attainment of the group 2) members frequently desires the approval of the group SOCIAL INFLUENCE IN ACTION - one of the obvious consequences of info and effect dependence is the tendency for group members to confirm to the social norms that have been established by the group Motives for social conformity 1) compliance: conformity to a social norm prompted by the desire to acquire rewards or avoid punishment (effect dependence) - ,O9K4:JK,3L3L;L:,O,M:898KL8-0K,;L4:7949K03472K04083970,OO8:-8.7L-0949K0-0OL018 values, and attitudes that underlie the norm 2) identification: conformity to a social norm prompted by perceptions that those who promote the norm are attractive or similar to oneself (information dependence) 3) internalization: conformity to a social norm prompted by true acceptance of the beliefs, values, and attitudes that underlie the norm - individual truly accept the beliefs, values and attitudes that underlines the norm - conformity due to internal forces The subtle power of compliance simple compliance can set the stage for more complete identification and involvement with organizational norms and roles ORGANIZATIONAL SOCIALIZATION socialization: the process by which ppl learn the norms and roles that are necessary to function in a group or organization - the primary means by ZKL.K47J,3L],9L438.422:3L.,909K047J,3L],9L438.:O9:70,3;,O:089430Z members CHART: 264 person-job fit: 9K02,9.K- Z,3025O4008N34ZO0J08NLOO8,3,-LOL9L08,39K0706:L70203941, job person organization fit: the match bw an employee personal values and the values of an organization Stages of socialization 1) anticipatory socialization - begins b4 a member becomes a part of an organization 1 www.notesolution.com
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