Textbook notes-Chapter 12-Power, Politics and Ethics

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Management (MGH)
Andrew Davidson

1 CHAPTER 12 J POWER, POLITICS, AND ETHICS WHAT IS POWER Power: the capacity to influence others who are in a state of dependence 1) notice that power is the capacity to influence the behaviour of others Z ZZ2}}]ZL}LZ}Z}o}ZL[]KoZ}} relationship exists bw the 2 3) power can flow in any direction in an organization THE BASES OF INDIVIDUAL POWER - power can be found in the position that you occupy in the organization or the resources that you are able to command 1) legitimate power: }]}KZ}L[Z}Z]]}L}E}]LL}2L]]}L - it works cuz ppl have been socialized to accept its influence 2) reward power: power derived from the ability to provide positive outcomes and prevent negative outcomes - concept of reinforcement and backs up legitimate power but any individual can exert influence others with praise ect 3) coercive power : power derived from the use of punishment and threat - support of legitimate - lower level organizational members can also apply their share of coercion 4) referent power: power derive for being well liked by others 1) stems from identification with the power holder 2) anyone can be well liked 5) expert power: power derived fro having special info or expertise that is valued by an organization - common in lower level members in scientific and technical areas - women perceived higher in expert power than men HOW DO PEOPLE OBTAIN POOWER Doing the Right Things 1) extraordinary activities - excellent performance in unusual or nonroutine activities ex. occupying new positions, managing substantial changes, taking great risks 2) visible activities - identifying visible activities and publishing them 3) relevant activities - pl care about the things you are doing Cultivating the Right People 1) outsiders - good relationships with key ppl outside ones organization can lead to increase in power in the www.notesolution.com
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