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Marketing Notes

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Management (MGM)

Marketing Notes Marketing J Marketing is the sum of all the activities involved in the planning, pricing, promoting, ]Z]]L27LZoo]L2}2}}ZLZ] Z}Z]Z }LZKZ[LZLLZ: Industrial Goods J are products used in business to make other products or to assist in business operations. They can be raw materials, processed goods, or finished goods. N Raw Materials J are materials that are unchanged and taken straight from nature. These include logs, oil, fish, wheat, etc. N Processed Goods- are raw materials that are processed so they can be used or as an intermediate step into creating the finished goods. These include wood into wood pulp, pressing apples into juice, etc. (these are usually sold to industries) N Finished Goods J are products that no longer require processing and are used to make another product or provide a service. These include tires, spark plugs, and fan belts sold to an automobile manufacturer so they can become a car. N Marketing of industrial finished goods requires minimal advertising and promotion but requires a great deal of personal contact. Consumer Goods J are non industrial products intended for personal use by the general public. Retail
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