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University of Toronto Scarborough
Management (MGM)
Jennifer Levine

POLA11H3 Hazelmae Valenzuela September 3, 2013 LECTURE NOTES - INTRO: ATTITUDES & BEHAVIOURS THE BIG QUESTION DURING THIS COURSE: 1. How and why ppl form attachments that eventually define their identity. Slide The best example of this attachment is TIM HORTONS 1: cdns attached to timhortons part of cdn identity provides sense of patriotism  why are ppl attached to tims coffee that they will wait in line to buy it but not for petro gas? Slide BOTH SIDES OF CONSUMERS: 5&6: EXPECTATIONS (Economists) REALITY (Consumers) PRICE QUALITY BRAND PRICE QUALITY highest quality for lowest price brand and price = good quality. eg: ferrari uncle gave free vs. "price high = quality" & "brand = must be good" chevy ford you bought. eg: expensive wines = believed better quality. Brand name jewellery (tiffany&co) price high = valued more therefore expensive. APPLE / SONY = assumed good quality compared to FUKISHIMI (some shady, unknown inexpensive electronic company) Slide 8&9: HOWEVER, certain brands like Tim Hortons. more than good quality productmake a person feel good eg: "it makes me feel cdn" Some pple are very attached to materialistic possessions in general,  point that those attachments become ppl's identity and relied on those items. Some ppl are attached to something = feel good saying itbut will not act on it. Slide Eg: 2/3 americans have no prob w/ saying "I AM A DEMOCRAT" but will not vote for democrats. 10: PROBLEM IS POLITICS IS NOT AS SIMPLE AS ECONOMICS. Slide 11&12 Ppl have wide range of consumer preferences which are changeable by circumstances. ALL OPINIONS (ON ISSUES) HAVE 2 DIMENSIONS: 1. PLACE - Where we stand on the spectrum of views 2. INTENSITY - How strongly
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