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University of Toronto Scarborough
Management (MGM)
Jennifer Levine

POLA11H3 September 10, 2013 LECTURE NOTES - AFFINITIES, LOYALTIES, IDENTITIES Slide Brands provide info (a label) which provides info on the quality = strong attachment to brand. 5: HOWEVER, If you do not like pop or soda: most likely won't feel some attachment to Pepsi. Affections / loyalties not only directed to a brand: Slide 6: UMBRELLA FACTORS = not particular brand, includes other brands. national identity (Petro- Canada, BMW)rate Image(Apple [MACproduct category green vs Microsoft [Windows]) [fast food] products Slide CHAUDHURI & HOLBROOK (2001) Purchase loyalty (behavioural) - brand you'reAttitudinal loyalty - brand you love 7&8: loyal to even with other options. resulting in +WOM PURCHASE LOYALTY CHARACTERISITCS: Buying product out of habitual.  out of satisficing (finding a restaurant, deciding this is good enough and sticking to that)  extensive search (tried everything and this is the best) Slide 9 MEASURING LOYALTIES ATTITUDINAL / PURCHASE: Purchase loyalty Attitudinal loyalty "I will buy this brand the next time I buy [produc"I am committed to this brand" "I intend to keep purchasing this brand." "I would be willing to pay a higher price for this brand over other brands.” Slide 11: SOURCES OF LOYALTY: TRUST AFFECT Eg: people loyal to Pepsi because drink tastes Eg: people loyal based on what the brand provides way they like every time. hedonic or utilitarian value. trust reduces which leads hedonic = pleasure utilitarian = quality / product uncertainty to loyalty. potential convenience RESULTING: greater trust = greater display of affect Slide 13&15 CONDUCTING METHODS: CARROLL&AHUVIA - Brand Loyalty/ +WOM (5pt ratings of strongly agree - strongly disagree)  "this is the only brand of this product I will buy" CHAUDHURI&HOLBROOK -Trust and Affect (7pt ratings of strongly agree - strongly disagree)  I trust this brand IN SIMPLE WORDS THE FOCUSES: CARROLL&AHUVIA: FOCUSED ON BRAND LOVE  PLUS THE FOLLOWING: Brand Loyalty, +
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