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Management (MGM)
Jennifer Levine

Class: Lecture: Instructor: Date: LECTURE NOTES - BRANDS & PARTISIANS MICHIGAN "THE MICHIGAN MODEL" (PARTISIAN ATTACHMENT) MODEL few class variation of democrats / ppl attached to political party some group homogeneity (eg: catholics divisions republicans (often same as parents) vote the similarly) Attachments (can come from partisian attachments) affect: PROBLEMS WITH ATTACHMENT candidates issues economic evaluations policy stances Ppl comfortable w/ attachment to party yet voting wasn't consistent to attachment.  especially during big shifts in US history caused widespread change in votes. Eg: Civil rights, LBJ’s New Society, Vietnam War, Watergate… OTHER COUNTRIES DIDN'T FOLLOW THE MICHIGAN ATTACHMENT MODEL: OTHER UK ( identify to party according to class/ union)n parties w/ small thirNETHERLANDS (vote more consistent than COUNTRIES: changed some votes) party identification / identity) WHAT ABOUT RUSSIA? RUSSIA = NEW DEMOCRACY, start of period = zero partisian attachments no multiparty systems soviets maintained voteg: you didn't support them = persecuted ALTERNATIVE Alternative theory = party choice = habitual / default choice. THEORY: Political party = Heuristic (mental shortcut) = quick decision of vote.  Attachments = product of cumulative experience / heuristic. Multiparty systems = combination of extremist parties & centrist parties.  smaller parties speak = small population that may be closely linked to the party. MULTI PARTY  centrist parties receive votes of voters who may prefer another party, but want [bett
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