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Lecture 5


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Management (MGM)
Jennifer Levine

Class: Lecture: Instructor: Date: LECTURE NOTES - QUESTION WORDING AND OTHER ISSUES MINIMIZE Validity (systematic) - degree to which measure actually measures intended measurement. MEASIREMENT Reliability (consistent) - degree measurement yields consistent results (same responses) ERROR:  Consistent - common measure of accuracy of measurement tool. CONSTRUCTION RELIABILITY ASSESSMENT: OF AN INDEX 1. Test-Retest Method - same measurement on same unit more than once and comparing results. TO CHECK More similar results the measurements are = reliable. (eg: How old are you?) RELIABILITY: 2. Internal Consistency Method - assess extent to which index related to individual items. Several items w/ underlying concept = positively correlated with each other. 3. External Validation - indicator forms its relationship to indicators of other concepts to which the concept measure should theoretically be related. SOURCES OF 1. RESPONDENT CHARACTERISTICS 2. SURVEY CHARACTERISTICS INCONSISTENC Non-attitudes: lack of knowledge / interest Interviewer effects Y Lack of attention to question Order effects Discomfort / reluctance to provide true opinion Method effects - format questions Question wording effects Answer set effects (wording of possible responses, forced / unforced answers, # of possible responses) 3. CONTEXT EFFECTS Priming ways of manipulating something into yoaffecting answers to questions make certain aspects / criteria to judge salient issues. Framing - formulating truth in such a way that you push ppl to respond Specific definition - 2 logically equivalent statements of a problem lead people to choose different options. Eg: give drug to 100 cancer patients & 80 cured OR give drug to 100 cancer patients & 20 dead. Framing can cause: Presentation of same problem, emphasis on subset of considerations = individuals to focus on these considerations  Issue frames= alternative definitions, constructions or depictions of a policy problem. How framing works: makes certain beliefs more / less imporpossible outcomes / consequences more or less lik
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