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University of Toronto Scarborough
Management (MGM)
Jennifer Levine

Class: Lecture: Instructor: Date: LECTURE NOTES - SAMPLING WHAT IS SAMPLING Sampling - accurate way of representing whole population without asking everybody.  asking everyone = cost time & money (even w/ best/most expensive effort) SAMPLING IN know population & list so that you need to ask everyone. GENERAL  # of ppl to be sampled = depends on range of opinions &behaviours & size of population. RESULTING: cheaper, faster and almost as accurate (w/ greater knowledge of where/how results inaccurate) BIASES IN SAMPLING BIAS SAMPLING bias sampling = cases/ppl= not typical /representiative of population  some elements of population = more / less likely sampled. Eg: adv of knowing where or how samples are = may be biased or insufficient  representing one or more pop &sub group PROBABILITY RANDOM PROBABILITY (RANDOM) SAMPLING  use population parameters to estimate the probably margin of error. SAMPLING  utilizes some form of random selection  through process / procedure that assures everyone in population has equal probabilities of being chosen. NON-RANDOM NON-RANDOM SAMPLING SAMPLING  surveying through accessibility or availability of circumstances or people. 3. representative sample 1. convenience sampling (ca few questions then couquota sampling = Need to surveyst likely & extremes)t / who you could grab randomlrecommend someone to) certain amount of ppl. (representative or informants)
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