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Management (MGM)
Jennifer Levine

Class: Lecture: Instructor: Date: LECTURE NOTES - DESCRIPTIVE STATISTICS CLOSE-ENDED Close-ended questions = you answer with one of responses given. QUESTIONS Analyzing close-ended responses: 1. Responses = can be 2. Category / Value = e3. Observation / Frequenc4. Variable = all responses stored as numbers possible response = each actual response to question All responses can be easily displayed in a frequency table. UNIVARIATE Statistics in this case = not all about math. DESCRIPTIVE  universal communication tool for explaining what your findings are. STATISTICS Univariate descriptive statistics exist = to give metal picture of distribution of response.  primary focus: what is a typical response?  secondary focus: how typical is typical? To assess what is typical must assess level of measurement used. PRIMARY Levels of measurement used: FOCUS: 1. Nominal - no order (dichotomous)  eg: provinces, country of origin, brands, favourite colour 2. Ordinal - ordered (no set distance between categories / value)  eg: strongly agree, agree, neither agree nor disagree, disagree, strongly disagree 3. Interval/ratio - (order w/ standardized distance between categories/values)  eg: Temperature (F or C), how much money do you make Reminder: one category that doesn't fit ordinal category makes it nominal measurement. MEAN, MODE, Mean = most common
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