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Lecture 7

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Management (MGO)

./ CLut tJ / Cct 25/l\ fi z ffui.iapprecrchts: - lcdd Prcqrcrrnrnirng =r";t-,Tlmcde(s C AH P) 'CH t4.t, l+.] irlboCL ' fflake decisio0s rncre tlrct\ene anc\scme\rne Coc(\rqflnql€qr,trremei . con{el.t 'J neC to Sorne "i thesa taclr-tir€mertsfo€d,{s Crmle,t " rn,-{stue -___-__-____>ian _bch6gg,' hand ccnstmr'nt 3dt con:trzunft henCc nqnrE Xoc,"ts tha floa\ P-c{rctmnnio3 e:r-Y-r \ ,.rrr't /Y Gcc.\ prcc]ra,r-''rnryA.i A.i*n..r - - let Y,,y, = { cf ttrtUott, 6.ornrrled!d= b.$ nnin c6t {: tCCYr t6cX> 'L -i ;r K t3r, > *oi*,*)v .Jil'X'u:f; $too a ioX r +5 X. > 6",i:rple ecd^ r-qiUshCIt k SX, * *{,> 3S{r,:,** rvri\\shq{ nE>k tccYr t6oX'-o. X, ,f,2 JA{te. LJccrS:\ua it, clorr(t'nd \t in{easibk. constrc.,-rrCan r}rt b,e- Sot''std u'" fut ecch \'eciur\cssfl€Cor^e petlc$l t,these ua\res the ,rutco-e- Vertal^J\ee -? Nc,-t;, "{-t€d9 "t * c{e$ne deV{0fr'crctVtrtob\es. di = arncluttLl&t erceed itr qcal 'P d; - = crmou*t Sou rirderit\ (cn\ t-\afr\ Ty,+3Y'+ @ drt =1c [ox, + Syz r-6)- LTP a; = 6c HTN Sy, + 1:'> [email protected] oi.* =3s Brc\I€t \00x, t6cxz < 600 Irtintcrat Z = zca d; + loerdi + sc 4. - O1rr--,rrcrtLrSifll Lit"rriu; r-{ Y' =6, X-z=C, cl"=; , a; -t), Ltet -0.2=)\O C,-= C A; -e C; -{,-l hau >O {tdi '' hr L-nXo, .{rcuneed'1,tXge t*.'hi*'} p" not "di -" "di* S,.1"\,r'-inq Y, ='7s Yr--C, X.:= t+r* Linqc, (- , % /,7='% Ctt'=C Clr --C " ?t-Z"nct Prcttq"rrl clJr-'% d,; = a d: =C, Ci =Ll -, ZE 3h,l -)j dt = 6cC Ctn z-soE tlzs\U - d3t t d: =lo,oclcJ Cq-+ e d** *d* =2g3 Cs* N-dr* td;--\za : d,'*oand ct' PrioritgLrce\L QCcJ '.. i:',iicndd,-, hrt ds- tq:(c-GS irnf ctsr{+- a(tho-t1h *h af,in iece-l3. mcdgi , + td+ t 2ds ] ;* z = P, Ld,"+drl "?'td=*l P= cunsfrar'pts,C,, Ct,L.,, Crr,G, ait uanables ),c . s\epI So\ue.n^in d*=o SI *?1, So\ue flrin Z = d"* *di, LS F.onn Lvtq'
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