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Lecture 4

Lecture 4 - Part 2.pdf

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Management (MGO)
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L PA{T o v;dt-a,llon:110v,, t: $"p.^S - #Taplt'do*, UP 4 -l^,rr4 Qe-^*r'o^^,"wp\x-WAP* *Y* ,'6fua;-- 6ild.'ry qy1Jf&) -+wLeLbRru,J^-",/-,^*A^rl aatv,ttvr,t"blxq, P,,P, =-&* Pw( t&s t L, =& 4' nQg rtsSr^1v^otp,fiv--t,.),r( t j ?:'4 fi ftn + ,^,rtv*= ailrtrnv&ptt *^,llr^ 4 6ryW!^Yo'l'urry\*1b b*t -1 a^r^,ts",*fr AP,il"#:',fr*fr a*-^ f =6 va*a*-lr^r,if"f-./f 1[l*7 *tt"o+ a6"1" ilt , -X.p 'r.'0)t (r,f a/,/+X,p ) c,,4-r^n"/ {zrfuj^t.r- S-?-*"L @ 41 \r^ d,acjrn"\.r- "*^l- /t^r\b\" lb,*.W. Lon 0 $o.> $ t,oI >r] ),8 $ 4 z= aqs+ I O.J+ (Ko, +%r) x D.PJ. -dqrrVqr {lN,oeo, zt les +X'p S lc-oreetc / u"'LC^ - -S V 2yor*;rw W^yr"*,ft W*,,LL -l)*Ju^* o- 9 olt"l"lr',^y ,4" ( d,t^*J oL d-= o ,(r=4{ J+= Jf t o- " 0 '.Q'. 6o--Jr,3 'f, '' , r t 'runoill6ra'*" , 9 o: *,\'r,2.y'; lv,,, v+ [o,rs1o..,\r i y;l ; ,'1r"""^f'rr".'tra,tp,*')1"1 l, t" I j j I j \, 70 -1, l-> Ls JV M)r..Caqts: V + OT B""tw+ -t 7*"^ u" w't*hotr' ) }!ff l;;f i llifr ,^*uT reb'r'+Xz'+- hfu""t-*@t'1,^4;"-.^^^J, . @ J-, Y, -b' = I> , Lt- kt-t kt.rFr-rh (ff",fl -,) ( at), 6J8., W) - O^tho;*: C+"ourtp"^d^** \ *o Qo Br*fi. 1",< Uo, A"{ L&. Xr tV-r" V+: LPo Ve Xt \.0 )fr Y+4 o , 7+) o t€,nLu$*+{8 o ( 15 A?+ Xr+ f X,+),1+ rS )..t ,), [email protected] *,+ ,-tr .Yt*| fl.] Ct.*d.n,.-tt $ooo^-8'^)c,''{'V @ k'w6nr-lvoJ,*' all @ ",f:::*i^ r7,t'r* M;lwflltr+la^@xsz f;\Lrf \-_:F ( ^VL|T,i^Xs+u 2,uv L/ I t*X u \ yt)[email protected]'t Xa'.8x ,-/,/ I x" +ry} >@% qI '-/ 7 2 +0 x,+G\T Z= +fi-(p+14) I I MGTC74 Analysis for Decision Making Lecture05 Chapter 4 - Applications of LP-Part 2 Operations Management Example - Workforce Assignment - McCormick MFG. Co. 1. Workforce assignmentproblems occur when productionmanagers make decision aboutstaffing requirementsfora givenplanningperiod. 2'[email protected] Dent. nroduct I nroduct 2 totalhours available 1 0.65hrlunit 0.95hrlunit 6500 2 0.45 0.85 6000 J 1.00 0.70 7000 4 0.15 0.30 1400 lprofrt) $10/unit $9/unit . McCormick Manufacturing Co.produces 2products. . Eachproduct must gothrough processingin4 departments. . McCormick hasa crosstrainingrogram thatenables some employees tobe transferred between departments. . Labor hours may be transferrefrom one depttoanother,cannot be more than max allo
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