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Management (MGS)
Nicolette S Richardson

Mintzberg on Management (Chapter 17)  Sometimes when you are making decisions about things, it is not possible to describe in precise mathematical detail. Sometimes, you just have an intuition  Excessive layers in management (e.g. deputy, senior deputy, etc) make it unmanageable to manage  Obama crashed when it came to the Economic situation in the United States. Obama is not good at being a leader; he is good at motivating people and making people think that he could be a leader. Sometimes the skills of motivating people and being looked up to is different than having an understanding for minute details  In marketing, there is the product life cycle (intro, growth, maturity, decline). Mintzberg explains similar idea when it comes to organizations. He says that sometimes old companies create a situation which makes it difficult for new companies to start up in the intro stage  Group dynamic is significant. Sometimes people work way past closing time so they can feel like they are contributing to the group dynamic. If people don`t feel that connectivity, they feel independence and that is disastrous  Big businesses are located where population is large and where population is moving to and where the population resides in urban areas  Competition—theory doesn`t always survive. Sometimes can`t follow the theoretical situation in the real world  Most workers in today`s world are knowledge workers and we are currently in the Information Age  Some companies are big and other companies are forced to become big. Big tends to mean impersonal because it is hard to respond to personal details (responding to personal details is a challenge for large companies)  Canadian process: did you follow the right processes, American Process: did you get the job done  Tend to want older people who have worked for quite some time to enter MBA programs because people who have worked have an intuitive understanding of how things work in a company which people who have not worked will not be able to understand  Are managers born or made—  Holistic thinking—considering sociocultural factors (e.g. family size)  Students today are dissatisfied with wh
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