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Management (MGS)
Nicolette S Richardson

Sources of Competitor Intelligence How to find information about companies who are selling branded products in the GTA:  Trade shows and Exposés o Visit booths, competitors’ booths, talk to people and act as a prospective customer instead of as a competitor in order to gain info about your competitor  Attend company tours at their manufacturing plants to see how the products are made  Internet; company websites (company websites will illustrate info in a positive light but one can still use websites to see what a company’s product or service claims to do), can see company reviews (e.g. can go on to get info about company such as the way the rd boss acts and other info you won’t be able to see outside as 3 parties  Market research; hold focus groups and get their opinion on competitors products How to find information about companies who are selling services in the GTA:  Can go on company websites to see their contact information. The contact info is either through email or phone. If it is by phone, can call in and see wait times and how effective company answers customers’ problems)  Can see company catalogues on website and can see how they are selling their services and can see what benefits you will get from using those services  Can go undercover as a consumer and see how well they treat you and see what they tell you  See the company`s publi
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