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Lecture 11

MGTC45- Lecture 11

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Management (MGS)
Andrew Stark

Lobbying Issues  In America there are fewer restrictions for people to contribute to politicians  There is non-permanent senior public service in the US  Lobbyists in the US can gain a lot of influence by being able to contribute , but not in the form of counsel  When they are out of power, they go to think tanks  In Canada we have a permanent public service  Only the cabinet members change  In Canada, politicians need to rely on somebody who is friendly to them politically and also knowledgeable when they are forming policies  There are controversy about being a lobbyist as you are an advisor to the government and a person representing a corporate client  Ways of categorizing what you may be seeking from the government o Change a policy that the government has campaigned on (1)  When Prime Minister Chretien said he was going to get rid of the GST  He didn’t do it, because lobbyists said that everybody has already conformed to it o Try to take government to take a new position on an item that wasn’t mentioned previously (new position on a non-agenda item)(2)  Some businesses proposed to build a facility to build light armoured vehicles for the army  Wasn’t on the agenda of the government, didn’t make a statement about it o Change the agenda and don’t change the position(3)  Reinforces an old position  Moves the item up the agenda for the government  Mode of Communication o You can submit briefs to government(1) o At private receptions and events(2,3) o Development of relationship over time with influential political figures(2,3)  Harvey Andre, spent a lot of money to develop a relationship with him and he was commenting on that practice  Sometimes these relationships develop organically and genuinely  Some of these relationships allow the arguments to sway to their favour, rather than the merits of the argument o Write the legislation, regulation and bills for the government, of which then the government implements(1)  At golf courses, not enough time to propose but ideas are passed o So quick conversations at private receptions would lend itself best for 2 and 3  When they ask the
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