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Lecture 9

MGTC45- Lecture 9

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Management (MGS)
Andrew Stark

Lecture 9  Said that patenting bone marrow is like patenting the human hand  However the other party said that it was like a person winning a Pulitzer prize for their innovation and how they are not expected to share  If you pick the wrong metaphor when somebody points out that the metaphor has problems  They are not patenting bone marrow but the method of creating it  Journalism writes about this special family or this special method of creating bone marrow  Scientists have no reason to share it with the bone marrow but cannot prevent other scientists from going to the bone marrow to make their own technique  Cannot capture public imagination  Because we cannot prevent other journalist from accessing the family so you shouldn’t be able to prevent other scientists from going to the bone marrow Legal Database-Lexus?  Historical Court decisions  West-Law has been the main company printing bound volumes of court cases and decisions  It became the case that in court cases, you would use the west-law volumes to cite  They could not copyright the cases, but they copyrighted the page numbers of which the case occurs  The problem comes up when everybody uses those pages to cite Kansas  A competing company came in to print phone books to compete against Bell  They put coupons and other incentives in their book to compete  Bell sued saying that they were already printing phone books and said that the other company can print phone books but cannot do it in alphabetical order as they were the ones who thought of it first  You can’t patent words or letters, but you can patent how you arrange it  Westlaw wasn’t trying to copyright the page numbers, but they were trying to copyright the specific compilation of the court cases  Copyrighting the association of particular words with the letters  Bell was trying to copyright the alphabet and that nobody else can copyright that order  When copyrighting letters and words, that is a weaker argument and almost invalid compared to trying to copyright sentences and paragraphs  Copyright-words, text, music o Can only defend it, if the other person has copied  Patent- technology and software o If you invented it first, you got it  Trademark- symbols that companies use o Mug company and Chrysler building o Chrysler tried to sue the Mug Company for using the image of their building on their mugs o Mug company comes back saying that it is going to sue, because they are giving them undue publicity  A very important issue in copyright and patent cases, if the defendant has taken something that is significantly similar to the plaintiff’s there is still the question of whether the plaintiff experienced any damages or had any opportunity taken away from them  ABC used an Iowa state athlete in a video
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