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Management (MGS)
Andrew Stark

Man w mob connectionsthe man gets killed woman flees to Europe Paritculat expression of a general ideaman in love with a womanoPlantiff said its too generalcant copyright it oCopyright it the way it was expressedtempreous mob Pdecan be presented in a number of way Pidefendantno thts too general not specific expression oThe plantiff could say that the defendant could have used a different ending Would that be the idea Wouldnt work either If the idea was tempestuouscriminalthen idea could be expressed in a number of wayspoint is that this idea could have been expressed in a number of waysPlantiff doesnt have an ideaso generaltht it can be expressednot so general tht it can be thinged opposites oToo specific is e mc2 Case 2KraftMan named kraft wrote a biography of composerin the book he talked abt a conductorstopaukisi looked like a sleek Russian wolfhounded oPlantifmy descriptionoDefendantcant copyright general observation oPlantiffthts not the ideaPiStautauki Pecould have expressed the idea differentlyandrogenerous narcacicstic So broad tht it could be expressed in another way but not so general to have been expressed by the complete opposite of his expressionIn this casethe plantiff wonWords I used not ideathe expression of another idea
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