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Management (MGS)
Andrew Stark

IntellectualPropertyafter48minConflict bw the orginal creator vs the secondary creator Originalwho created the productSecondarySomeone who wants to use the original persons creation in their own Conflict can exist if used wout their permission Arugmentswhat incentive would oyu have to create things if you knew it was going to be taken wput your permissionExamplesoPharmaceutical companyrosiperiwinke has qualitites to create drug to treat some kinds of cancer began harvesting them govt of Madagascar said theyre ours you owe us royaltiessaying were the original creator pharmaceuticals said the value is what weve created so we owe nothing flowers themselves are nothing weve done the creative work so were entitled to keep the moneyoLA hospitalman went for liver tissue removal scientists thought something was interesting about his liverused the genetic tissue to come up w a drug patented it man came backsued oCompany called Systemics got a parent on human bone marrow stem cells embryos that you can take tissue fromgrowturned into bone marrow for some who needs them they developed an indepdant systempatented embryonic bone marrow tissue other scietntists upset said its like patentinga handhow can you allow someone to patent part of the human body Think of journalist who discovers theres a interesting family in the hills of Kansas they can all do something special journalist writies about themwins Pulizter prizedo you expect him to share the prize with the familyWe discovered itwhy do we allow everyone else to use itAnalogiestechnologically complicated issuesoCritics Saying its okay for a company to patent a human hand
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