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MGTC45-Lecture 5

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Management (MGS)
Andrew Stark

MGTC45Lecture 5 October 11 2012 Intercity BussingProblems faced by small business peopleIts any bus that goes in between any two cities in OntarioDuring the election campaign in 1995 people in small rural and urban areas wanted deregulation of intercity bussingHad to get permission from the Ontario Highway BoardYou need a petition signed by the potential consumersThere would be an opponent at the hearing trying to object showing that the market could not sustainThey argued that the small operators would dig into their profitsIt is odd that a business would have to present a list of potential consumers to prove to a regulator why they should existMike Harris wanted to support the smaller businesses and help the intercity bussing supportersThree years of service and there was nothing doneLobbyists from Greyhound and Weygar Coach were able to stall any progressMinister of Transportation wanted to see if he can push the agendaThe stakeholders were mayors of rural towns Ontario Highway and Transportation board the heads of the two bus companies G and C experts in different jurisdictionsSmall town mayors were very concerned about deregulation that there would
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