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Lecture 8

lecture 8

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Management (MGS)

Ethics Week 8 THREE GOALS OF AFFIRMATIVE ACTION: a) first set is for people who are presently in the system like women and minorities in the workforce b)second is to act as role models so that when people look at the major institutions they see people who resemble them in positions of authority c) third is beneficiaries of those who USED to be in the workforce, by adopting work place policies now, we are in some way paying a debt to people of colour, women and gays who have gone by, who suffered from bigotry before and suffered and did so valiantly (owe a debt to people who live in the past) -if the beneficiaries are people of colour and women etc...most of these people are no longer with us, is this really a legitimate argument? -if something that happens when somebody is dead, can it have an effect on their life -philosophers say, imagine someone trying to devote their life to prevent Venice from sinking in the sea, and if this person worked very hard and then died, and then five years later it sunk into the sea; does this event after the person died, in anyway effect their life or the purpose of their life, or does it have no impact? -issue of reparations for Japanese-Canadians; they were interned,
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