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Lecture 7

MGTC45- Lecture 7

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Management (MGS)
Andrew Stark

Lecture  The public school environment is a lucrative space for marketing to happen  The chances of consumers adopting brand loyalty early are very high and are very beneficial to the sponsoring company  Companies would be easy to get in as they can make donations and other freebies to the school otherwise desperate for funds since tax dollars do not contribute enough to the schools  Channel 1 provided 10 minutes of advertising and 2 minutes of news  If schools would show the channels 90% of the time, they would have access to this media for free  Textbooks are expensive and this allowed for a cheap access to information  Parents and school board members are unhappy with these arrangements  Companies had to deal with this opposition  Children did not have the psychological capacity to be differentiate between advertising and reality  Concern that if school allowed advertising into the playground and gym, students would think the school itself were endorsing the products  Another concern was that school was supposed to be sanctuary  There was a concern that businesses were getting into the classroom and into the curricular material  Companies had the argument that the schools are under-financed and they are just trying to help  Edward Jackson, Youth Talk, placed ads on walls and gave 20-30k: “Had principals cry when the cheques are presented to them”  Critics thought that there were too many ads being bombarded at children, but children are given the media literacy capacities to differentiate it anyway  Also allows teachers to teach the media sources that are in the schools and educate the children  Whether some kind of deals provoke less political opposition and why?  All commercial deals that businesses propose basically fall into one of two categories o Developed Pizza Hut  Called “Pizza Book It”  Students would read and the company would give pizza  Students engage in a public good activity  Company provides a private market commodity  Students are reading due to a private inducement  “I want school decision makers to make decisions based on the best ways for the students rather than from private inducements”  For example, Channel 1 is not getting the audience that they want because the
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