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Lecture 8

MGTC45-Lecture 8

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Management (MGS)
Andrew Stark

Biotech Issues Continued Found a lucrative business in harvesting sperm of men who have just expired by their spouse who wants to have a child with the spermPeople often do not write their intention on this issue in their willAlso in many of these situations time is of the essenceNot the same as rape because rape is of a violent nature to injureWomen should be able to choose because they should be able to choose to control their future o Be able to terminate a pregnancy if they believe that it is inconsistent to their futureAnother argument is the case that men often have children without knowing it o Men usually contract into some sort of act that has children as a consequence o However there are cases that men do not know that they committed to an act and unknowingly created a childCoupled with the argument that being in a relationship with somebody with the intention of being a parent o By entering into the relationship he is consenting that one day that they would have a child o Just adds an extra degree to our argument but not concrete on its ownCloning is another topic that comes upIf you are a
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