MGSC12H3 Lecture 8: 12 Angry Men Discussion

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Management (MGS)
Sandford Borins

Lecture08–12Angry MenDiscussion 1. Do you agree with Asimow’s conclusion (conviction because of overwhelming circumstantial evidence) or the jury’s (acquittal because of weak circumstantial evidence)? Asimow Arguments:  Beyond a reasonable doubt = firmly convinced  No evidence of break-in, theft => who else could have committed the crime? Fight between father and son at 8 pm => motive   Little chance the true killer had a knife like the murder weapon  No one saw defendant at theatre (alibi doubtful)  Son could have stabbed downward (not a knife fight)  Witnesses (landlord, woman with glasses) had no reason to lie  Not wearing glasses doesn’t mean she couldn’t see the son murdering the father  Landlord still might have been able to see son running out  Conclusion: evidence is strong enough to convict  Group has doubts, should be acquitted8  Inadequate lawyer  Don’t know at what point the man started walking towards the door  Generally diff stage b/w conviction & sentencing stage  In this case, the judge said it’s a death sentence or nothing 2. Evaluate the management skills in a jury context displayed by jurors 8 (architect), 4 (stockbroker), 12 (advertising executive). What are the management lessons you draw from 12 Angry Men ? Juror 8  Leadership skills  Strategic approach  Tackling one issues at a time  Everyone got convinced along the way  Good listener  Lets ppl talk  Analytical skills  Devil's advocate  Calm & collected  Rational Juror 4  Held his ground  Says 2 reasons  Alibi & witness  Able to see clearly 
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