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Lecture 2

Lecture 2-Absolutism vs Relativism Jan 19

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Management (MGS)
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Andrew Stark

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1 Week 2 Absolutism vs relativism Absolutism - limitation is faith [God] Relativism - extreme form: all social norms and moral norms are culture-specific and no one can judge what is right or wrong outside of the definition and cultural meanings of a particular society - those in the middle, attempt to build inter-subjective agreements and understanding among human beings based upon appeal to ethical theories, reason, and judgement consequentialism or utilitarianism - utilitarianism s referred to as a kind of consequentialist theory evaluates what actions they should take or what rules they should follow based upon the best info and estimate of what consequences will follow from adopting particular actions or rules - the action was right if and only if such action, on balance, brought more good over bad than any other action that was possible act utilitarian : is committed to analyzing each particular act or action and determining its rightness based on maximizing, on balance, and good over the bad of performing that action over all other possible actions rule utilitarian: does not evaluate the consequences of each particular act or action but rather evaluates the consequences of following a rule more generally action
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