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Lecture 4

Lecture 4-Altruism Feb 10

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Management (MGS)
Andrew Stark

Altruism - is unselfish concern for the welfare of others. Loyal Agents Argument o The Argument 1. A loyal agents duty is to serve hisher employer as the employer wants to be served. 2. An employer wants to be served in whatever ways will advance hisher self-interest. 3. Therefore, as loyal agents of their employers (stockholders) managers have a duty to serve their employers in whatever ways advance their employers self-interest. o Objections Inconsistency the argument rests on an normativeethical assumption (an agents moral duty being asserted) to argue that ethical considerations dont apply in business Assumes there are no limits to an agents duty to serve his employer, but the managers duty to serve his employer are limited by duties as citizen, etc. by morality & even law law of agency when considering whether or not orders . . . to the agent are reasonable . . . business or professional ethics are to be considered in no event would it be implied that and agent has a duty to perform acts which are illegal or unethical Nuremberg Principle: Following orders does not excuse immoral actions. Whistle blowing 4ZL08.43L9L438 1) deals with activity human activity 2) these activities must be harmful (violating human rights)(the harm must be unnecessary and to a third party)
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