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Lecture 8

Lecture 8-Employment Equity Feb 27

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Management (MGS)
Andrew Stark

Week 8 - Employment equity - intend and consequences is not enough to say that someone killed someone else (if I want to chop down a tree, but lightning hit it and it died, I had the thoughts and I acted on the intends, but I am not responsible for the death of the tree) The workforces of business should reflect the ethics, gender, sexual orientation of the J0307,O545:O,9L43 ,14:7-:8L308840839701O0.99K,99K039K070L884209KL3J:309KL.,O and wrong. Should there be law. Is it better to hire candidates who will contribute more to the diversity of the business as oppose to the best person for the job. Law: it is illegal to reject a candidate based upon their background etc. Is this enough? insufficient . Actions need to be taken and should be enforced affirmative actionL839 that bias on itself? Because if people are already doing this, why is affirmati
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