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Management (MGS)
Peter P Constantinou

Honesty Deception  Employees belong to a frequent flyer plan (FFP) + use points they accumulate on business trips for vacations + pleasure trips o Didn’t tell company but company doesn’t have policy about travel points  Usage of travel expense funds o Expensive meal that is over daily limit but make up for it later; returns leftover money o Travels very cheaply but keeps all the leftover money for herself  Ethical dilemma: What is considered an ethical way to use company travel expense funds during business trips?  Frequent flyer plan o Arguments for not ethical to take points for personal use:  Points gained from 1 business trip can be used to reduce the cost of plane tickets for the next business trip – by using points for personal vacations, employees are costing their company money o Arguments that it’s ethical to take points for personal use:  There is no comp
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