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Legal Environment - Lecture 001

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Management (MGS)
Jeff Rybak

INTRODUCTION TO THE CANADIAN LEGAL SYSTEMAND GENERAL CONCEPTS 07 January 2014 There is no participation. There is a lot of case studies, not a memorizing course. Art student mentality. Law is language. Rights and freedoms set out in it = Literally the things set out in the charter, does not guarantee anything else. There is nothing in Canada for right to property in the constitution. In equality, there is nothing concerning sexual orientation (written 30 years ago); however, courts find even if it is not written down it actually includes it because you need to know the series of judgments since then. Reasonable limits = Reasonable limits test Demonstrably justified = Identify there is a limit, onus on government to prove Free and democratic society = Establish a comparative (IE: Iran) Where the Law Comes From First section is not testable, will not ask us how court is set up. Only need a framework of how system is working. Society has rules, through evolving social norms, cave men decided not to throw rocks at each other. Religion and law for a long time were basically the same thing. Major turning point is that king is subject to law, more than king makes laws
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