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POLA81 Week 5 Obligation, Loyalty and Exile Lectures objectives 1) Define the concept of obligation 2) 2)define the concept of loyalty 3) Analyse the notion of exile 4) Understand the relation between exile and po-L 5) Analyse specific examples 1) OBLIGATION Obligation: -rule governed conduct Political Obligation: (Political conduct proposes certain obligations that we must respect and follow) -Law-like demands by public agencies Why do we obey the laws? -if we don’t there are consequences or punishments that we must face -maintain order -rule of law Don’t want to be labelled a criminal -fear of prosecution, being put in prison -fear of punishment -habit -sense of duty -natural law -utility -Consent (tacit or explicit)-Democracy 2) Loyalty Loyalty (groups): -deeply affective -“not primarily rational” -you feel and act loyal Fidelity (individuals): -family -friends -spouse -politicians Choice:  belonging to groups – not much of a choice, you are born as what you are , in terms of race, religion, etc, but you have the option or choice to choose whether you want to remain loyal/disloyal to it  loyal/disloyal, e,g change religion, or be disloyal to your ethnic group, don’t follow culture, traditions or rituals or holidays of ethnic background Nationalism as a source of loyalty: -to the extent where your nation asks you to give your life, ie soldiers military, give up life for country, nation is powerful force when It comes to loyalty, some may choose to be disloyal and a traitor to their nation, ie a spy and rat out your own nation Nation and state: “Lack of fit: -state and nation are not the same, don’t overla
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