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Management (MGT)
Chris Bovaird

Exam Probable: 50 multiple choice Format 4 SAQ 2 short answer questions from chapter 10 ;focuses more on chapter 10 Chapter 10 Slide 1: “Motivating Employees” More theories and experiments: Theory X and Theory Y Maslow: Hierarchy of needs Hertzberg: Motivation & Hygiene Classical Theory only thing that turns us on is cash... money.. This is wrong..People are motivated by more than money Piece work- the more you do of a job for example flipping hamburgers the more skilled you get at that job. Productivity having someone do the same thing over and over again this cases people to hate their job which results in them not turning up for work Environment affects the way you relate to or feel about your job. Many experiments were conducted to experiment the way employees work. This took place in the Hawthorne factory. Turned the lights up the brighter and brighter the more people work, the higher the productivity. Each time they turned down productivity kept increasing. The reason why this happened was because they wanted to show how well they were doing. When managers respect their employees, give compliments and etc employees work harder and maybe result in an increase in productivity. It doesn’t matter about the environment but the way managers Theory X and Theory Y Theory X Work done best in controlled environments e.g.: “Scientific Management” Therefore: Establish lots of rules, treat people with threats and punishment Tell people exactly what you expect of them they will work pretty quickly Hawthorne affect is how you treat people. If you make people think they’re important they work well Give employees a whole bunch of rules, tell them exactly what you want them to do maybe that works... but that doesn’t work If you treat people like machines, animals robots productivity will start to go down. Tell employees to meet quota results in you not treating them properly. Makes employees feel if they aren’t making quota they are going to be fired Theory X Theory Y Lazy Energetic Lack ambition Ambitious Avoid responsibility Seek responsibility Selfish Selfless Not very bright intelligent Theory Y says all the good things Conclusion: if you work for an organization and it has lots of rules and management and have lots of quotas and docking your pay or not promotions. Results in them feeling crappy McGregor Treat people more like yourself maybe you’ll g
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