Chapter 10B Lecture

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Management (MGT)
Ingrid L.Stefanovic

Chapter 10 .ppt B 01 Laurence, Hugh MGTA03, Lec. 03 Motivating and Leading Employees o Leading the Business o Equity Theory o People are very sensitive to fairness o Am I being treated the same way as others to whom I compare myself? Contribution Qualifications Experience Other criteria o Goal Setting o Give people goals that are Specific Attainable o Involve employees in setting their own goals, to give commitment o Programs to Increase Job Satisfaction o Reinforcement o Management by objectives o Participative management o Team management o Job enrichment and redesign o Modified work schedules o Increasing Job Satisfaction o Reinforcement or Behaviour Modification System of rewards and punishments Reward the explicitly desired behavior Punish the explicitly undesired behavior What about the tacit behaviour? What does this say about the relationship between workers and the job? o Management by Objectives Managers set goals collaboratively Managers then evaluate progress Improve progress by considering performance throughout Gains commitment, clarity on the goals and encourages performance throughout o Participative Management
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